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Mark Lynas thinking the unthinkable on nuclear power

At a time when the urgency of tackling climate change is greater than ever, some environmentalists are thinking what was unthinkable – that we should now rely on nuclear power. Mark Lynas has a new feature film coming out, Pandora’s Promise, that aims to make the case with the public that our ideas about nuclear […]


Famed climate change scientist, James Hansen shares his viewpoint on nuclear energy Take a look at the first video from our series of outtakes from Pandora’s Promise. This fascinating interview conducted by Robert Stone is with Jim Hansen, the former head of NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York. Foreign Policy named Jim […]

Sunshine Stories. Episode 3 Solar energy can revolutionize agriculture and boost food security

In Sub-Saharan Africa 2 billion acres of farmland are weather-dependent. Small farmers who have adopted solar water pumps and dryppirrigation reduce the risk of crop failure, improve productivity and increase food security.