7 INSANE Effects of Climate Change in Your Lifetime

For many people just hearing the words climate change causes an immediate trigger response, with random, jabbering phrases spewing out of their face such as “it’s natural”, “it’s a liberal conspiracy” and “My fridge cold how global warming do a thing now?”.

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When people think of climate change they imagine the whole world getting hotter evenly all over, but this simply isn’t the case, and while some areas will experience a huge increase in temperatures, others are going to see the exact opposite take place.

Sea levels have continued to rise for some time now thanks to the continued melting of Earth’s giant icy fedora; Antarctica.

With hundreds of millions of people fleeing their homes to escape the encroaching ocean, future mass migration is inevitable.

Yep, this is literally the worst one on the list. Do you hate the sight of sobbing children covered in flies staring forlornly at an empty sack of grain?

The World Bank estimates that Earth’s poorest countries will need around $100billion dollars a year to help offset the impacts of climate change, but what if your country elects a delightful far-right leader who says screw em, we’ll look after our own, and refuses to pay out?

Corn, barley and wheat are all used to create beer, so when these crops become more difficult to grow, they become much more expensive.

An increase in temperature brings many unwanted side-effects for the everyday person, you’ll enjoy sweatier thighs, hotter car dashboards, and a 200% increase in the meltiness of ice cream cones.

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