Who is behind The Climate Cinema?

HJR-in-tibetsquare-300x300My name is Hans Jørgen Rasmussen, living with my family in Narvik, Norway. Born in Denmark, but moved to Norway in 1990. I am first and foremost a human being, attempting to do whatever I can to help stop Climate Change.
I am a retired psychologist, a teacher, councelor and a communicator. Through more than 30 years I have been working with both management training, recruiting managers, organizational development, education and psychotherapy. Therapy both individually and in groups. As I retired a few years ago, I thought retired life would be a the good, easy going life of enjoyment. But after a short while I came over some books which made me aware of the strongest challenge we as a civilization and a species have ever been facing: Climate Change.  Since then retired life has been the life of a Climate Activist.
The more I learned, the more it became obvious, that I had to use this in the process of teaching others. I have to share everything I learn with as many as possible other. The first step has been that I have been using Facebook as a communication channel for knowledge about climate change, and next I started a blog.
I also initiated a teaching program called the “Climate School”, and in this context it became clear, that movies were very efficient means for heightening awareness about both the predicament, the urgency and the solutions. That made me start this Climate Cinema.
As of January 2016 I started a new Climate Change Mobilization Website: http://savingourplanet.net and transferred at the same time this Climate Cinema to a new domain: https://theclimatecinema.org, integrating the two with each other.
As creator of the websites SAVING OUR PLANET and THE CLIMATE CINEMA I´m glad to announce, that what was once the result of one person´s efforts, has now grown into the efforts of a dedicated team of people, coming from different parts of the world, and all passionate about the battle against climate change. Together we founded an NGO named SAVING OUR PLANET. You can meet the board of SAVING OUR PLANET here: http://savingourplanet.net/index.php/home-2/about-the-team/
Climate change poses a direct threat to our civilization, our species, and each of us. Climate change must be addressed on a global scale, and we do not have long time to do that. I know that the only possible solution to the problem is to wage a war against climate change at the level of the mobilization in the United States during World War II. And it must be globally. Norway is no exception. It takes a massive, government-led, social mobilization. I know that to achieve this, we need to create and coordinate a social and political global movement. Fortunately, solutions have already been described. And they are quite realistic and within our financial capabilities. In the Climate Cinema you will find sources describing both the urgency of the situation and the solutions.
Whoever you are, wherever you live: Welcome to the Climate Cinema. We are all needed in this battle. In the words of Lester R. Brown: “Saving Civilization is not a Spectators Sport”.
Hans Jørgen Rasmussen
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  1. Might the Cinema be interested in airing a series of films on climate geoengineering that we’re planning to produce? The goal is to provide a balance sent of films that outline the rationale for climate geoengineering options as a potential climate response strategy, the potential benefits of various technologies, risks, and alternatives. cheers, wil burns

    Dr. Wil Burns
    Co-Executive Director, Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment, School of International Service, American University
    650.281.9126 | wil@feronia.org | http://www.ceassessment.org | Skype: wil.burns |
    2650 Haste St., Towle Hall #G07, Berkeley, CA 94720| View my research on my SSRN Author page: http://ssrn.com/author=240348

  2. very nice site and movies, i would like to say loud THANK YOU VERY MUCH
    i am university professor, doing research relate to climate JUSTICE. we are huge team with 50 people, among researchers from brazil, mexico, portugal and spain. personally my research is “climate-art-education to communicate the climate”. your site is very important. i could not sign up the site, but i come to visit from time to time. thanks again


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