Fantastic DIY Tree House on Permaculture Farm

Walk through Ray and Leslie’s Tree House built on an organic permaculture farm nested in the middle of Little Haiti in Miami, Florida.

Ray and Leslie have been purchasing dilapidated lots around their house for 38 years and converting them into what is now a two acre farm. Also on their property, they have a variety of custom structures and an animal shelter. They are passionate about rescuing animals and growing their own food – of which they supply the entire neighborhood with fresh produce.

The permaculture farm is open to the public during the day. Ray and Leslie sometimes educate neighborhood kids on farming. They also rent out structures on their property (including this tree house) on Air BNB.

Shawnee, Ray’s sister, raised her three kids in this multi-story tree house. The tree house includes an open kitchen on the ground floor. Access to the property’s communal bathroom and outdoor shower is only steps away. Today, Shawnee has her own custom tree house oasis located a few miles down the road.

Tour Shawnee’s Tree House:

You can stay in Ray & Leslie’s tree house, it’s on airbnb:


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