Game Over for the Climate?

Eminent Arctic and Ocean Physics scientist, Dr. Peter Wadhams, and Dr. Maria Pia Casarini discuss the possibility that it’s ‘game over’ for the climate. Hosted by Stuart Scott, at COP22 Marrakesh. Please watch and share.

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  1. people understand, we voice our outrage, we change our lifestyles. No help from the media giving confusing conflicting info. Weather, volcanoes and earthquakes are quite clearly taboo. Agencies in charge are fiddling the numbers. Laws that force the media to only say what governments approve of. Secret fracking operations all over the place disguised as testing or water treatment. Earthquake numbers triple what the charts show, Earthquakes downplayed or not reported and volcanic activity ignored. Weather phenomena downplayed and normalised if mentioned at all! with Earthquakes they work out the magnitude with the number of felt reports factored in, no matter where it hits, was a 5.mag EQ in wales, people running outside because of the terrifying boom, within 13 mins the BBC reports that people are overreacting to a very normal tiny earthquake! can’t find any record of one that big in my area, not even close, spoke to dozens in my village young and old, no one ever felt a proper earthquake in their lives! downgraded to a 3 well the cracks in my walls beg to differ! my street was the epicentre. so loud people thought jets were dropping bombs! Climate scientists are saying earthquake and volcanic activity is dramatically rising due to climate change, but all the charts provided show the opposite! All social media attacked systematically then all geology, climate and weather topics become controversial and real information with real data lost in a swamp of shit. Governments along with the oil and fracking industry are quite clearly working together and censoring everything! what can we possibly do against that! I would do anything for my son, that’s why I dig to find the real data! knowledge is power as far as I’m concerned. So I go out of my way to follow the evidence, I did study science and have a basic understanding of most these things and the more I dig, the more I realise how much is being hidden from us! I really don’t like it because all the power of protest and voicing opinions have been quickly and quietly taken away! how can we fight this, we need someone famous, someone who cant be brushed to one side, we need Neil deGrasse Tyson or David Attenborough to get this info out to people and challenge the government! I genuinely believe we need to fight dirty at this stage! Push for laws that prohibit governments and global elites from doing this, If I cant lie about my taxes I don’t see why my government can lie about what they spend it on! make it so all news agencies, politicians or anyone else with significant power may face the death penalty for lying. That would be so funny to see a politician actually saying the truth! would they face death for knowingly lying, bet none of them would risk it. what a world that would be!


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