High Tide in Tuvalu

What do you do when your tiny, idyllic coral atoll is a few mere metres above the Pacific Ocean, the waters are rising, and your biggest neighbour won’t acknowledge that it may be a contributor to the cause – or even that there is a problem? “High Tide in Tuvalu” gives us an islanders’ perspective on Australia’s relationship with the Pacific in light of the most pressing, sink-or-swim environmental issue of our times: climate change. ”

8 minute teaser filmed, edited & directed by Adam Sébire for development funding from the Australia Film Commission/Film Australia/ABC TV.

Adam Sébire studied documentary filmmaking in Sydney & Havana before working for Australian television for many years. Since visiting the pacific island nation of Tuvalu in 2003 to shoot material for Film Australia his work began to focus on islands affected by sea level rise. In 2015 he began a PhD at the University of New South Wales to rethink aesthetic visual representations of of climate change, with its problematic dimensions in time and space. www.adamsebire.info

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