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What is the biggest problem facing the planet right now? Humanity’s population explosion. Sadhguru looks at the need to control our population growth to save ourselves and the planet. “If future generations have to live well, we have to conduct our lives consciously,” he reminds us.


Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/population-explosion/

Questioner: Sadhguru, I have heard you speak in many ____ (Unclear) about the problems of how population ____ (Unclear) and I am in a state where I have to start planning a family and I am in a lot of confusion because I ____ (Unclear) child ____ (Unclear) not having children but I wanted to know what I could do best. And if I adopt a child I am really confused for the child if my family can accept ____ (Unclear). And I have lot of pressure on me ____ (Unclear)

Sadhguru: From whom?

Questioner: From parents and…

Sadhguru: Oh!

Questioner: So… and I’m really confused.

Sadhguru: Do you remember when you were growing up, when your parents… When you were a child, when you were a little girl and then you were an adolescent and as you grew up, did you see your parents, whenever they looked at you, in tears of ecstasy and joy? No. How did you see them?

Questioner: Angry.

Sadhguru: Angry. So angry and tense and agitated about many things that you were. They just want to make sure that you don’t get away. (Laughter) They want you to go through all that. So pressure… it doesn’t matter, pressure. It is just that… One thing is for yourself, another thing is for the world. Bearing a child… Please sit down… It is not that children are wrong. We were all children some time ago. It’s not about children being right or wrong, it’s a stupid question, it’s not even a thought, okay, it’s a silly thing to think whether they’re right or wrong. It is just that there was a time when a woman would easily have a dozen children in her lifetime. Hmm? And it was normal. Three, four of them died; seven, eight of them lived, that was normal. Now, most women who have children here probably have two; some of them slipped through and they became three. (Laughter) Generally most women have… is there any… Are there lots of women – leave the women who are over 50-60 years of age – the younger women, is there anybody who has four, five children here? Almost nil, isn’t it? But if you ask this question about 50 years ago, almost any woman in the region of early 30s would have five children or six children.

Read Full Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/population-explosion/


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