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What is “The Climate Cinema” – and how to use it?

The CLIMATE CINEMA  is a video portal, a gateway to documentaries on everything that relates to climate change. The intention is that it should be used as a source of knowledge and stimulus to get involved in the climate battle.

It is also a sister site to a learning resource about climate change. They are both part of the NGO named Saving Our Planet.


  • Via the main menu
  • By clicking a category in the category field, situated in the left sidebar
  • By typing keywords in the search field in the header
  • By clicking tags in the tag cloud in the right sidebar
  • And of course, by using your curiosity, clicking videos and links on the site

The Climate Cinema was originally made for a Norwegian audience, either with Norwegian audio or subtitles. Now the site is international, with English as the main language, and the category “Norwegian” is maintained as a special service for Norwegian visitors.

It contains more than 200 movies – and it is growing every day. Duration of between 30 seconds to the usual feature-length or longer.  TV broadcasts – which for technical reasons can not be entered in the same manner as the other movies – have received a separate menu item.

The CLIMATE CINEMA has its own Youtube Channel, accessible via the menu, or this link: THE CLIMATE CINEMA YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

The youtube channel consists mainly of playlists from other important Climate Change Channels. Where we mainly introduce single videos in The Climate Cinema, the youtube channel allows us to introduce series and collections.

The desire is that this CLIMATE CINEMA will have a long life, and hopefully be a good source  for everyone looking for inspiration to get involved in climate battle – the battle to save civilization.

The CLIMATE CINEMA will continuously be updated with new movies.

If YOU have ideas for movies or important film portals or climate sites, you can use the “Submit Video” button in the header, or send me an email at .

Of course, I´m also interested in hearing about errors and omissions on the site.


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