“What we want to do is save humanity from extinction”, Prof. Jeffery, Behavioural Neuroscience | XR

”Heading for Extinction(and what to do about it)” : The ‘Why? The What? and The ‘How?’ of Extinction Rebellion’s 3 Demands

This seminal XR Talk is written and presented by Prof Kate Jeffery, a Behavioural Neuroscientist at UCL. The lecture encapsulates Extinction Rebellion’s raison d’être: the questions of ‘Why? the movement has evolved, based upon compelling scientific evidence that global warming and ecological degradation are advancing, unabated: it is the truth being told of the unfolding trauma of the sixth mass extinction and ecocide as a direct consequence of human activity.
Prof Kate Jeffery explains what needs to be done to avert complete and irreversible ecological and societal collapse; Kate touches on the awe, shock and grief of when we, ourselves, are faced with the prospect of our own extinction through the line of future generations. Finally, we are presented with Extinction Rebellion’s 3rd demand: on ‘How?’ this climate and ecological emergency has to be addressed through the collective, fully informed -when the truth -be-told- will of the UK citizenry, in the form of a national citizens’ assembly.

”XR Revisions and clarification’s footnote:

An inaccuracy has been noted that sea level rises of ‘maybe 100m, possibly 200m’ is stated, which incorrectly refers to the IPCC: Chpt 5; 430(48 of 82):430, Chapter 5 Information from ‘Paleoclimate Archives.’ In correction to this, XR notes that, according to the National Geographic: ”If we keep burning fossil fuels indefinitely, global warming will eventually melt all the ice at the poles and on mountaintops, raising sea level by 216 feet/65.8m approx. ”
Ref.: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2013/09/rising-seas-ice-melt-new-shoreline-maps/

The Rebellion will take place across the globe from 7th October. Sign up for London here https://Rebellion.earth/international-rebellion/join-international-rebellion/ Worldwide actions are planned in other major cities. See if your city is listed https://Rebellion.earth/international-rebellion/worldwide/ or, if your city is not listed, then please visit our global site https://Rebellion.Global/ to get in touch with your local group.

If not now, when? …… If not you, who? Everybody now!

Join the rebellion: https://Rebellion.Earth/
International: https://Rebellion.Global/
1. #TellTheTruth
2. #ActNow
3. #BeyondPolitics
World Map of Extinction Rebellion Groups: https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/fr/map/xr-international-branches_324464#2/29.7/-27.4
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExtinctionR
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExtinctionRebellion/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ExtinctionRebellion/

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